Creative Content Writer (Pop/Country Music) – Intern Description

Title: Creative Content Writer Intern    Date: Winter 2018
Reports To: Mike Rousseau Founder AUXGOD: Music Battle Card Game
Positions Available: 2 (Pop and Country Music Writers)    Honorarium: Yes

Company Description:

AUXGOD: Music Battle Card Game provides entertainment by merging music with a competitive twist in a social setting. We’re revolutionizing how music is being played at parties, cottage weekends and social gatherings. The vision of AUXGOD is to have players revisit classic songs and today’s hits through our platform.

AUXGOD: Music Battle Card Game was established in July 2016 by Mike Rousseau.
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Position Overview:

The Creative Content Writer role requires an individual who has a broad knowledge base of Pop and Country music including popular artists through decades, pop culture and historical references.

This individual will be responsible for researching their genre of music (Pop or Country) and creating battle questions for the Pop and Country versions of AUXGOD.
Students must be in a registered internship program in order to apply


·             Participating in their own storytelling segments on AUXGOD’s various social media platforms

·             Creating battle card questions for their genre of music (Pop or Country)

·             Researching and testing which card questions work and fit the mechanics of the game

·             Editing, testing and playing their version of AUXGOD